[VNNET] Shedule Move/Delete thread for XF2 1.1.1

[VNNET] Shedule Move/Delete thread for XF2 1.1.1


Addon helps schedule to delete or move threads for xenforo 2. Threads scheduled to delete or move when the time comes will auto action and will send alert to posters and deleteers.


- Shedule delete thread.

- Shedule move thread.

- Setup move thread to forum when shedule delete.

- Alert when delete/move.

Nhật ký cập nhật

															Phiên bản: 1.1.1 - 17/09/2020

-Fixed installer. -Minor bug fix.

  • https://dichvuweb.top/files/15-webp.19

  • https://dichvuweb.top/files/16-webp.20

  • https://dichvuweb.top/files/17-webp.21

  • https://dichvuweb.top/files/18-webp.22