[VNNET] Thread Fake View Count For XF2

[VNNET] Thread Fake View Count For XF2


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Hi, can I know what each option of the plugin does? Because is not more clear how it works

Hi, Here is a guide image

You can contact me by telegram: @zoom360

Ok perfect, many thanks. So when Fake by true View is enabled the others options are not active, true? And can you please explain what exactly does "Insert view to system field"? Then if Fake by true View is enabled, when are counted the views? When you click on the thread, or when the cron start?

Dear, By default, the thread's tablet has the field containing the view. This addon will create additional fields containing virtual views. If the above option is enabled, the virtual views will be saved directly to the field containing the actual views, not in the field containing the virtual views.

Yes it seems that when Fake by true View is enaled the views are counted immediately and this is not good because is visible to everyone. Is good that also this will be counted when the cron start, so also this option should be controlled by Set time add Fake View.

Thanks for the idea contribution. I will check and try to include it in the next version

Perfect. I only hope you will release it soon so that I can start to use the addon that I have still disabled waiting that work good

Can you please explain me in details also what this function does? Because is not more clear: Insert view to system field If this option is enable. View count will insert in to field "view_count". Thanks

This addon is a disaster. You cannot sell a plugin that not works, without testing it. You cannot let us to test if it destroy the database or not. Today I have uninstalled the addon for a while and it delete all the number of views of all the threads of the forum. Are all reported as 0 Views. Is the second time that it destroy my database

This addon doesn't affect your system when you install or remove it. If you don't enable the "insert view to system" option, the view is completely bogus and you remove the addon it only takes virtual views and does not affect the real view.I think your forum has another problem

You can check the Setup.php file to see its impact on the database when installing or uninstalling.

And it's crazy when you tell this addon to destroy the database. Only the option "Insert view to system" will add the view directly to the view_count field in the xf_thread table. Even if you remove the addon it cannot lose the forum's views.

Many time I ask you what that option does and still now no explanation arrives, if is an option that can make important changes to the database, you have to write: ATTENCTION using this option you are making this..... are you sure you want to do? and not those few details that don't let understand exactly what does. Yes when I have uninstalled the addon it has the "Insert view to system" selected and Xenforo ask me "You are uninstalling this addon it will revert all the changes done from it, do you want proceed?" I press on yes and then all the views of all the threads went shown as 0 views. This is what is succeeded. The other time always because the options where not explained in details on the addon, it bring all the threads with less then 2000 views to 2000 after few hour of work, so also the user presentations made some hour before, with 2000 views... So for the second time my developer is repairing the view-count table that is been corrupted and I'm really angry for this, because him not work for free. If you release an addon you must before test it in all the way is possible and only then you can sell it, if no some one as me that have spent money to buy this product will have to spend 20 times what I have paid for the addon to let fix what the addon damage. So it's normal that it can create this caos if there is not a guide on how to use it, the options in it are not well explained what they does and how to work in details (and are options that can make IMPORTANT changes in hour to the whole database, so...), uninstalling the addon (delete all the views with the "Insert view to system" option selected, you can test it, because on my forum this is succeeded. Check what succeed when you try to uninstall it with that option enabled, because that should never succeed again, if not I will not be the only to be angry for that. You must test good before the addons before to sell them. On forums there are years of work.

Please review my second answer. And I guarantee when you remove the addon will not lose any real views. If you have an error using the addon, you can contact me for support.

Thanks for you purposes. The problem is that without enabling "Insert view to system" the views weren't counted, so to let works the addon was necessary to enable it. It works now with "Insert view to system" disabled? It works also in XF 2.2?