[VNNET] Resource [DBTech] Credits Intergration for XF2

[VNNET] Resource [DBTech] Credits Intergration for XF2


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I have paid but not received the product.

Dear IanO'Neill, Sorry for the inconvenience. The transaction failed during API processing. Please tell me how to contact support.

We have refunded you

The refund is appreciated however I still require this resource (This does allow for users to set the credit amount for selling resources?) However I have attemped to reach out to you in other ways please contact me via Telegram t.me/ianwoneill or via email ianwoneill@gmail.com

Same case as the other user, i Paid with paypal, was redirected to the dashboard and i not received the plugin. Please make a refund (TR ID 1A2036569T105001N) or send the plugin. Thanks

I have seen your payment. We recently had a problem with Paypal. Do you still want to buy the addon or want us to refund you.

by the way, the email is the same as my paypal address, nuevoseller@gmail.com

Payment is active. You can download it in your download page: https://dichvuweb.top/members/downloads Please remove the report from Paypal

Admin i close the case 3 days ago, but i cannot use your plugins. During installation says: "This domain www.electronicaar.net not license in Dichvuweb.top, please contact admin@dichvuweb.top" woud you like to check? thanks

Dear, please reinstall it.

Perfect Admin! Works. Thank you very much!!!

Thanks for purchased!